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Crop Insurance in Hutchinson and Glencoe, MN

Keeping Farmers, Agribusiness, and Crops secure in Hutchinson and Glencoe, MN

Crops are subject to many exposures that can cause damage.  Often, these damages are the result of the ebb and flow of nature, but they can be created by man as well.  For farmers and agribusiness owners, the risks posed by nature are only the beginning: price volatility and market changes also constitute risks that can cause damages that result in financial loss.  Farm insurance covers some of these risks, but crop insurance is the only way to fully protect crop revenue and crop yields.


At David Larson Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. we know farming and crop production well.  We gain an in-depth knowledge of your operation and proactively search for ways to protect the operation for the most cost-effective premiums.  Overall, we help you protect your crop yield and revenue, manage crop risks, and keep your business running.  


Coverages tailored to your Operation and Risks

Crop insurance covers crop losses and price fluctuations but it does not cover the entirety of a farm.  If your farm needs full protection, you should purchase a farm insurance policy.  Crop insurance is an add-on to farm insurance and helps cover specific aspects of your operation.


At David Larson Financial & Insurance we offer two basic types of crop insurance, each of which protects against specific perils.  These insurance types include:

  • Crop-yield insurancecovers excess losses to crops due to natural disasters such as drought or flood, and protects against other perils like insect infestation or disease.
  • Crop-revenue insurancecovers negative changes in crop prices that occur during crops’ growing seasons.

These two types of crop insurance contain any or all of three kinds of coverage. These coverages are:

  • Multi-peril crop insurance (MPCI)covers inescapable crop loss for almost all kinds of crops
  • Crop Hailcovers loss due to fire and transit-to-storage and in-storage perils
  • Additional replant coverage - covers cost of replanting for new crops

All multi-peril crop insurance is the same price; services, savings, and ongoing support and risk management change premiums.  Changes in premiums are often slight but represent great value because agents that help you find and use comprehensive coverage are save a lot of time and money in the long run.  These agents also make controlling risk and resolving claims much less arduous.


We work with four of the top crop insurance providers in the nation, each of which helps us give more coverage options to our clients.  These options allow clients to more easily fin solutions that fit them.  Our coverage options include:

  • RCIS - added price option, late plant option, replant option, and HPP (production plan, hail)
  • Great American - Enterprise PLUS, price flex
  • John Deere - Added value protection
  • Farmers Mutual - revenue accelerator max protection

There are a number of factors that go into developing the best policy and making the most of the coverage it provides.  At David Larson we will make sure that your plan is optimal and that it provides you with the greatest value.  

Working with David Larson Insurance to find a Solution

We use our experience and knowledge from decades of providing farm and crop insurance in Minnesota to keep farmers and their operations secure.   We conduct in-depth consultations with each client and perform detailed assessments of each farm.  This helps us select proper coverages and arrange these coverages in plans that provide maximum benefit.  Our relationships with clients are two-way and they involve exchanges of information and knowledge that result in the best insurance decisions.


To speak with an agent please contact us or give us a call.  You can request a quote to get started on a policy.  


At David Larson Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. we are proud to provide crop insurance solutions in Hutchinson, Glencoe, Litchfield, Wilmar, Buffalo Lake, and St. Cloud, MN.  We also serve other areas in the state.  

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